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1.    Attend Dental Exams and Cleanings Religiously

The cheapest way to ensure your oral health is always in great condition is to visit your dentist regularly for a dental exam and cleaning. Ideally, this should happen at least twice each year. These services are often 100% covered by HMO plans and 80-100% by PPO plans. 

Once you get into this routine, you will realize that problems are detected in good time and therefore don’t require expensive procedures to resolve. Follow your dentist’s tips on maintaining good oral health, preventing cavities and reversing gum disease.

2.   Know the Annual Limits

Virtually every dental insurance plan has an annual maximum. This is the total amount the plan can pay for each year. 


If you’ve previously used your dental insurance plan over the said year, you can get in touch with the insurer to establish what amount remains available. Do this before getting booked for any extensive dental treatment. If your dentist files a claim that is denied because you have already reached the maximum of your plan for the year, you’ll have to pay the outstanding amount out-of-pocket.

Your plan will also limit the number of dentist visits, dental cleanings and dental x-rays that can be carried out each year. Also, a visit to a dental specialist is billed differently from a visit to your regular dentist. Understand these limitations before you commit yourself to any procedure.


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